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How to Create a WordPress Form With a Date Picker

You have a contact form for people who visit your website and you want them to make an appointment before taking you on call.

You have to gather data from people who contact you and you want them to pick date of birth or something like that.

To fulfill your requirement, you will need a date field. The solution for this situation is WP Datepicker. This is a WordPress Plugin that allow you to add date fields in WordPress forms manually. After Installation it will appear under Settings menu on admin dashboard.

WP Datepicker under Settings menu

When you click the button, you are redirected to settings page of WP Datepicker. Here you can see a field to name an instance, select language for it and some other useful options. Fro example you can make datepicker field editable or read-only, enable datepicker field for wp-admin pages, enable/disable weekends and font selection etc.

General Settings

You can add multiple instances on one page with different elements like ID and Class. Every instance can have different style.

Multiple Instances

To display calendar in inline position, you have to click “Inline Position” box and under this box you fill find some skins for your calendar to make it attractive.

Inline Position & Skins

There are some more option that allow you to full play with calendar’s style. You can use custom colors for calendar. Background color, month color and test formation can be modified as required.

Custom Colors

After all the customization it is time to implement the datepicker and see how it looks like on front end. Add HTML in editor and save you will see the effect on front end. This is the example of multiple instances on one page.


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