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What are the orphan files? And how does this plugin handles orphan files?

Easy Upload Flies allows users to attach files along with products during checkouts. Some times customers upload the files but they do not complete the order. But the uploaded files are stored in the database or at least footprints of those files.

So, what happens if a customer doesn’t complete the order but he has uploaded the files?. Does that file gets deleted automatically?

File has been uploaded

To handle these kind of orphan files there is a tab added in the plugin. Admin or who has back-end access like editor etc. can get info about these files and also can delete files in one go. To get statistics, there is an option to scan the database in “Orphan Files” tabs. Select “Fetch Statistics” and click scan button to load statistics. A table with all information will appear after scan.

Fetching Statistics

You can also see all the orphan files as a list in this tab “Fetch Orphan Files” and click the scan button to load all orphan files. All the files or footprints of files will be listed here after scan. These files can be delete in go by clicking delete button.

Fetching Orphan Files


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