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WordPress Plugin – WP User Merger

Sometimes, a person has two or more user accounts on a site. There are some situations we need to delete some users because they are belong to one person and want to keep only one user account. Meanwhile we do not want to loose data/information related to those users.

WP User Merger is a tool to achieve this. User Merger will let you merger information of two users. After the installation you will find two drop-downs to select user you want to merge.

Selecting Users to Merge

After selection, click Merge and a warning will appear for confirmation about merging. In case you have selected any user mistakenly you can go back for correction. In advanced version, you can select user fields like display name, user ID and email address etc. or user meta like URL and posts you want to keep.

User Fields/Meta Selection

Warning for Confirmation

By clicking Yes, please proceed and merge these two, selected users will be merged successfully. You can see a success message after merging the selected users. If you have selected the same user in both drop-downs, merge action will not be happened. You will get a warning instead.

Same users cannot be selected

One of useful features is the restoration of merged users. You can restore merged users and their data/information. There is a tab named Restore. Click restore button next to merged users entry. Merged users will be restored successfully.

Restore Users


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