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jQuery Post Splitter – Evolution

I downloaded your automatic plugin installer since there is no other clear way to update the “premium” plugin without relying on old email links, which does not work for a company of our size. But there is a serious problem! The automatic update plugin appears to update the plugin without user interaction or approval.

We need to test any and all plugin updates in our development branch before they are allowed into production, as any bug with a plugin could cost us thousands of dollars an hour if pages go down or it creates other conflicts. Please fix the updater so it can be manually triggered.

This is massively concerning because the latest update required me to define new settings that did not exist in the previous version of the plugin, like the new “Default post navigation” checkbox. Until I updated those plugin settings our post navigation was broken. That means if the auto-updater executed without permission all posts using the plugin implementation would have been broken. Scale that problem up to us eventually having hundreds of posts on multiple sites, and you can see how that would be a serious issue.

For now I am going to have to deactivate the updater plugin and activate it when we wish to update things, to prevent it from updating our production environments without permission.

The plugin settings page still says to use “nextpart” to split pages, but the WordPress visual editor is designed to only allow 1 “nextpart” in an article. So I’m not sure why you rely on that, as it’s not something people can actually do.

Not every company is going to have people editing articles via the code view to add page breaks, there’s a reason WordPress has a standardized visual editor.

That said, I updated our article to use the default page breaks and it appears to work.

Updating the plugin automatically also blew away our CSS changes. It would be ideal if the plugin did not make additional HTTP requests for CSS files and let us use our own styles. Now we have to overwrite your styles with our own, which doubles the CSS and we still have an extra HTTP call, which slows sites down.

You do have the setting “Use Stylesheet? If unchecked, no styles will be added.” but that does not apply to the pro themes selected from the top dropdown menu, and there is no option to not have a theme.

I appreciate your responses and efforts to update the plugin. I’m glad we could get things working, and hopefully it will continue to improve.



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