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How does Order Status functionality work?

I have some questions about order status: When order placed it comes through as ON HOLD (which as I’m testing via cheque payment is OK for now) I manually move to PROCESSING but no split happens at this point.
I have to manually split the order.

When I do this the sub orders are created and set to PROCESSING but the original order also says PROCESSING.

1. Can the original order be marked as COMPLETE at the point of pressing the split order routine?

2. When I move the original order stage to PROCESSING can the order split automatically happen or is it always a manual action?

Let me explain you how does Order Status functionality work?

Section 1: In this section you can change splitted(child) order(s) status. It will change only child orders status not the parent order.

Section 1

Section 2: In this section you can change parent order status. There are two cases here, first is Single Order Case and the second is Split Order Case.

Section 2
  1. An order is placed and there is no splitting so, its order status will be changed to your selected status.
  2. An order is placed and it is splitted to e.g. 2 orders. So, parent order status will be changed as selected in the dropdown.

Most important: Order Status and Auto Split will work automatic environment. It will not change status when you split manually and it will not split when you change order status manually.


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