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Discount Criterias – Discount manager for Products

Global Discount

Discount Manager for Products is an amazing WooCommerce extension to implement multiple discount criterias with ultimate convenience. You can define criterias for global discount.

Global Discount

Category-based Discount Criteria

As you can implement multiple discount criterias with ultimate convenience through Discount Manger for Products you can define criterias for category-based discount as well. You can define as many criterias as you want for every category.

Select Product category and click “Define discount criteria”. Enter quantity and discount for that quantity and save changes. Criteria can be defined for each category individually.

Category-based Discount Criteria

Cart Amount-based Discount

If you want to offer discount on total cart amount. you can define discount on specific amount. As other discount methods you can define criterias as as many as you want. Examples in the screenshot below.

Discount on Total Cart Amount

Product-based Discount Criteria

Discount can be applied on product separately. Enter the quantity on which the discount criteria will apply and then enter discount (Flat / percentage discount can be selected in general settings). You can enter discount information that will be visible on the product page.

Product-based Discount Criteria


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