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Discount Manager for Products – WordPress Plugin

It is an amazing WooCommerce extension to implement multiple discount criteria with ultimate convenience. It is also known as WooCommerce Sales Booster because admin can add different discount criteria to each product which will be implemented on cart table perfectly. In its pro version, those discounts will be automatically displayed to the user on cart page. So if any buyer will be interested in getting discount so he will click on the desired discount option. By this both buyer and seller will be benefited. Buyer will get the desired discount and seller will be happy to sale more quantity against that discount. Its free version is fine for those who are already advertising their discount deals on their websites but if someone is still not advertising the deals and don’t have time to do that so this plugin will help them to boost their sales.


Multiple discounts (related to a single product) are supported. Discount can be offered on quantity or weight on product base. Admin can define different criteria for different quantities. Discount can be displayed / hidden on product page. HTML markup is allowed in information about the Discounts Plus offer in Product Description for example: Buy 5 to get 3% discount.

Product based discount settings

Discount is better visible and is available on several locations like in cart view, on the Checkout page, the Order Details page, in product list (Shop), WooCommerce order e-mails and invoices as well.

Discount Visibility
Discount on Order Details page

An option of setting percentage Discounts Plus or flat (fixed) Discounts Plus in currency units.

Discount Type

Discounts Plus for product variations is supported to treat them separately or by shared quantity when discounting.

Showing the applied discount when hovering over the item price in the cart.

Discount visible in cart

An option of easily changing the CSS of the price before and after discount.

CSS of the price

Discount can be applied on product variations separately. Discounts Plus can or cannot be applied if a coupon code is used, depending on configuration. Discount can be applied on ON SALE items as well.

Discounts Plus can be disabled easily in the Product Options page.

Disable Discount
General Settings
  1. This option will be overridden by specific product(on product edit page) settings.
  2. Select user role, which you do not want to offer discount.
  3. Select discount type here, percentage or flat discount options are available.
  4. With this option discount on variations separately. By turning this option on it will treat product variations separately.
  5. When this option is turned on discount will not take effect if coupon code is applied
  6. If you want to apply discount on products which are already on sale you can turn this toggle on.
  7. By turning this option on multiple of criteria will get same discount. For example if on qty. 5 discount is 3% and customer order qty. 10 then he will get 6% discount.
  8. This button allow you to show discount information in order e-mail and invoice with every product with discount.
  9. There are three options available to select discount base Quantity, Weight and Total Cart Amount Based.
  10. Restrict discount with the condition of only shipping or no shipping.
  11. Discount will not be applied on cart or single product page until user will decide store pickup or shipping required.
  12. It will show you some layout/display of discount information settings.


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