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Initial Firefox Extensions

Got bored with routine page view? Want to see something interesting things on the web page? I am going to introduce some initial Firefox extensions to change your page appearance. One of them is Animates and the second one is HTML Tag Detector.

Here is the detail of these extensions.


Animate adds some animation to web page HTML elements with single click like snow fall and image scroll.

Snow fall effect

Animate is a Firefox extension. It adds some interesting animations to web page. It is very simple to use. Initially there are a few styles and effects like Heading and Para animation and snow fall.

There are five animation styles and effects in this extension.

1. Heading and Para animation.
2. Input Date Picker.
3. Snow Fall.
4. Image Scroll Animation.
5. Other.

HTML Tag Detector

HTML Tag Detector detects web page elements by clicking the element name in sidebar. It’s a good tool to check the overlapped elements on the page.

It is very simple to detect elements on web page by using HTML Tag Detector. Click any of the element in the side bar and the elements in the web page will shake. If there is only one element on the web page which is detected by HTML Tag Detector, it will scroll the page to detected element/tag.


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