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WordPress – Extended Order Details for WooCommerce

Settings Page

You can list orders related to the customer account on front-end with the appropriate login and user role restrictions. It can display other related meta data on one single page.

Affiliate WP is another plugin which it is compatible with. So, in case you are using Affiliate WP, it will display all the orders from which you got the commission and you can see your customers. It’s a useful and well tested plugin.

Page Template Selection

First, create a new page, name it anything but select page template from page Attributes as “WC Order Details”. Then create a file in your theme directory as “wcod-template.php” and paste the code given below in it:

* Template Name: WC Order Details
echo do_shortcode(‘[WC-ORDER-DETAILS]’);

Green Icon

There will be an icon in second line of instructions, when the file will be created.

This is a helpful plugin for WooCommerce. Its page of front-end appears with some collapsed tabs and a search bar to show that how front-end looks like. Users also can be seen in left sidebar. If you click any order, it’s details will open. See screenshot 1.

There are some collapsed tabs every tab has a sort of details. You can see details of order by clicking on collapsed tabs, for example if you click on first tab it shows basic details about order. See screenshot 2.

There is search bar on the top. You can search by costumer’s name. Results will appear as you will type below the search bar. If results already exist, then they will highlight with yellow color in the side bar. See screenshot 3

In the left sidebar there is a filter box (not a search box), you can easily filter results by typing costumer’s name or order number. See screenshot 4


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