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Getting Started with Dolibarr

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is an open-source and free software package to manage companies, freelancers or foundations. We can say Dolibarr is an ERP or CRM (or both depending on activated modules). It works on all Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

It works with PHP 5.5.0+ (requires functions like DateTimeZone.getOffset, php-intl), MySQL 5.0.3+ or MariaDB or PostgreSQL 8.1.4+
Installer for Windows, Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/Redhat/OpenSuse or online Server.

It also support country specific requirements like Spanish Tax RE and IRPF, French NPR VAT rate (VAT called “Non Perçue Récupérable” for DOM-TOM), Canadian double taxes (federal/province) and other countries using cumulative VAT, Tunisian tax stamp and compatible with European directives (2006/112/CE … 2010/45/UE) as well.

Who uses Dolibarr?

Dolibarr is used by the following type of users:

Small and medium companies


It has many useful features as required.
For example:
–> Employees and users
Manage your employees and let your employees manage their activity and holidays. you can also define hourly rate for each of your employees.
–> Leave Requests
Allows your employee to make leave requests.
Let the system decrease automatically the balance of remaining holidays once approved.
–> Expense Reports
Let your employees record their expense reports. Approve and follow their payment.
–> Time-sheets
Enter time spent on user friendly time sheets. See impact on project profit. –> Create your website
This feature allows to create your website within minutes.
–> eCommerce
Sells online with your own E-Commerce platform or use the embedded E-Commerce CMS.
–> Products, Services
Manage your product and service catalog, your prices and margin
–> Stocks and warehouses management
Manage stock and warehouses (emplacement)
If you need to, you can add support for Lot or Serial numbers.
–> Purchase and Supply
Manage your Purchase Orders workflow, Restock your warehouses.
–> Shipments
Use the shipping module to track your picking list, orders and quantity to ship or shipped.
–> Projects, Tasks
Projects and tasks are useful to follow leads, opportunities or projects.
Track also how much your projects can bring back to your company, and their profit or cost.
–> E-Mailing
Create and send mass e-mailing campaigns without any external tool
–> Surveys
Ask your employees or partners their choice or opinion on any topic. Give your contacts an online access to the poll.

Basic tips to start using Dolibarr.

–> Start company
To take a start with dolibarr add your company details like name address and other information(Click on New Company tab in left menu). You can modify it later.
–> Modules Setup
In this section required modules can be enabled as demand. It offers you to control this module package as your desire.
–> Third Party
In this section you can add third party details as they are costumers or suppliers.
–> Products
This section allows you to add or modify products. Add new products with its details and click on add new product.
–> Where-house
Click on stocks in nav tab then click where-house and create a new where-house. You can manage stocks by going to Product Card >Stock >Correct Stock >Select Where-house and add number of units you have in stock.
–> Bank/Cash
Click on Bank/Cash in top navigation bar then click New Financial Account and set your account by adding your account details.
–> Making Orders
To make orders follow these steps:
Commercial(from top nav-bar) >Costumer’s Order >New Order, add detials and select Predefined Products to sell and validate this order.
In the same section, click Ship Products, add shipping details and validate it as well. Now create new invoice for your costumer and validate it again.
–> HRM (Human Resource Module)
in this section you can manage holidays of your employees. You can see their requests and can approve or disapprove their holidays.


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