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Sorting a list of names (Alphabetic Pagination)

Alphabetic Pagination

Queenwasp77asked for help: I am new to all this but trying to figure out if I can use this to sort pages (members profile pages). Instead of a big list of the names that link to their profile, I would like to be able to click on a letter and only see the names with that starting letter.

I don’t have experience with this type of thing so maybe it’s just something I’m unaware of. I installed the plugin and activated it and put the short-code on the League Member page. The alphabetic line appears but does not sort the list.

This was the members list that I am talking about:


Fahad replied: Sorry for the delayed response, i was really busy in last 2 weeks. This plugin only sorts posts (within taxonomies) at the moment. To sort users, Ihave to make some modifications in it. I will surely work on it soon.

Sabrina Zeidan said: I’m here to vote for user list idea!

Fahad said: Your vote was counted for user list idea, in fact its premium release will cover all these aspects.

After some time Fahad informed: Your requested functionality was available now. Please update your plugin and get it on your pages. It will work everywhere either use it in posts or pages. Just a simple short-code for users list and get it done. Rest of the thing was CSS etc. which can be managed easily in your theme too.

sorting a list of names


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