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Can’t get Pagination to Work

Alphabetic Pagination

kylehodgman told about an issue: I’ve tried to get this plugin to work on a couple of websites and have never succeeded. So I must be doing something wrong.
I need to add the pagination at the top of a page where I am shortcoding in a blog list. And I can’t make it appear.

Here’s the page I’m trying to put it on: http://medhatconstruction.ca/core/members/current-members

I feel like I tried everything in the settings to make it work. Please help.


Fahad said: Please make sure that you were using it on archive page(s) where loop exists. And try to use auto settings instead of short-code and the last thing you have to check was DOM position. You can reach me through my blog , I will help you out if still its not working.

After some time Fahad informed: I am working on sorting users so soon I will launch this module to alphabetic pagination.

Elborath said: Fahad !
The WordPress site I have installed Alphabetic Pagination on was intended to function as a website rather than a blog. It was going to be a resource where each page tells the user about a specific item (small planets and asteroids). I therefore need Alphabetic Pagination to search pages rather than posts. It was displaying just fine. Is there any way of getting it to search for the other pages on the site rather than just the posts on the current page?

Fahad replied to Elborath: If you can provide the URL so I can have better idea. Have you checked its video tutorial for settings? If not yet, check it, you might will find your answers here.

Video Tutorial: https://vimeo.com/105855225

Elborath replied: Thank you for your reply.
The page was very much in its infancy and still has the default ‘index’ up when you go to the url. I’ll watch the video and come back to you if I still have problems. From your reply it seems as if it does do a page search not just posts which was very encouraging.

Can’t get Pagination to Wor


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