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Remove numerical tag (Alphabetic Pagination)

Alphabetic Pagination

Nico asked two questions: Thanks for this great plugin! Saved me a lot of headaches. However I have two questions. On my site (which was still local in development)I don’t use Numeric order. Since it was the first sign (the hash-tag), visitors were likely to click on it and will get a ‘no results-page’. Is there a way I can remove the hashtag.

2: Is there a way in which I can a a short text before the alfabet. For instance: “browse diseases by alphabet”?


Fahad replied: Thanks for using this plugin. The first thing can be avoided by using CSS style. You can hide li:first-child from CSS. And the second thing i couldn’t understand. Do you need to add a short text before all alphabets? You can do it with jQuery if you have have of append/prepend. Please mention your URL next time so I can easily have a look into your issue.

Nico said: Thanks for the quick reply. I added
li:first-child {
display: none;
to the css of the plugin, but that also removed my homepage from the menu and in the Dashboard > Appearance _Menu Pages had also disappeared. So that css-code was a bit too strong. What did I do wrong?

Second question: I would like my visitors tell what they can do with the alphabet on top of the archive-page:
Therefor I would like to add an instruction like “browse diseases by alphabet”
Site was still in local development, so I cannot give you a URL yet.

Fahad said: Nico,

In fact that CSS should be implemented to all of the elements. Please specify only the alphabets ul with class e.g. ul.ap_pagination li:first-child{ }

and for the second thing you can talk to me via skype and i can guide you if you were developing on localhost. In fact, blindly its not easy to understand for me. To contact me you can install a plugin “wp mechanic“.

Nico told:
First issue was solved.

For the second issue I’ll get back later.

Fahad replied: Yeah sure!

After some time Fahad informed: I have added this option in plugin settings page. So if you will upgrade the release, no need to worry about hiding numeric letter through CSS manually.

fahadmahmood, Remove numerical tag


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