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Filter by custom post type – Alphabetic Pagination

Alphabetic Pagination

LucyTech said: I would like to use this plugin for a custom post type. When you click on the ABC letters I need to show only the posts where the post title starts with that letter.
However, at the moment the page was just reloading and nothing was being filtered.
Under settings ‘display on all lists’ I don’t see an option for custom post types. Is this possible?
How do I make this plugin work?
I’m trying to use the following shortcode and the page displayed was http://naiveartonline.com/WordPress/TestSite/artists/?ap=a


[list_posts post_type=”artist” orderby=”title” order=”ASC” style=”grid4″ limit=”16″]


Fahad replied: Try to use “Auto” in your settings instead of “Custom”. You don’t need to use shortcode for it. Let me know if it works?

LucyTech asked: If I set it to Auto then it was working well but I don’t need it to show on every page only on one page.
I’ve changed from the first code above and hard coded the page layout now. Where should I put
I’ve tried putting it inside and outside the while loop but only the ABC shows and the url will change eg http://naiveartonline.com/WordPress/TestSite/artist/?ap=i but it just reloads the page, it doesn’t filter the posts.
Where should I put the do_shortcode?
Also (on Auto, when it was working)
because I’m using pagination the URL changes to say then when I click on a letter I gethttp://naiveartonline.com/WordPress/TestSite/artist/page/2/?ap=i and a page not found error.
How do you use the plugin with pagination?

Fahad told: It works with pagination too. I will check it again that why its not working in your case, and will come back to you with shortcode thing as well.

UgoB aslo had this issue: I have exactly the same problem : I made a custom post type with a special taxonomy. On “the display on all list?” option i answered no and selected my new taxonomy. The pagination appears on the right page but the links doesn’t works and the post were not filtered in alphabetical order.
A little hand on this problem would be nice 🙂

Fahad said: Sure, I can help you. Please provide me the URL here and if you can provide wp-admin (test) login credentials so you may send them through contact form on my blog.

filter by custom post typ


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