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When there is no post for a particular letter

Alphabetic Pagination

kendawes asked a question: I’m still loving this plugin!
I do have a question… Should the letter bar disappear when you click on a letter for which there were no entries? Is there a way to display a “Nothing Found” message?

I know that you were working on “empty” letters not showing in the letter bar… I suppose my request was sort of similar.

The letter bar appears to disappear when there was only one result too…

Fahad replied: Yes, you were right; and I am working on it already. In fact I wanna save a number of queries to get the posts_count for each alphabet in your category. As soon as I will find a way to do it, I will release it in next build. Another option in my mind is; if I give an option in settings page so the users can enable disable this feature. They will obviously intentionally tradeoff the speed and performance with this convenience. What do you say about it? But still I am looking for a better option. Please check release 1.3.0 in developers area.

mmesaroli also questioned: How can I keep the alphabetic bar on a letter for which there were no entries

mmesaroli said: In Settings, there was a option “ Hellode/Show pagination if only one post available”, but if there were no post, the Alphabets diappears.
I searched in the wrong part of the plugin?

jana26 suggested mmesaroli: Perhaps this could help. Should be good if letters with no posts were not having links.

Fahad responded: Thank you so much, I will must improve this plugin with the help you did.

valesilve also had the same problem: thank you for this wonderful work! I have the same problem of Kendawes. When I click on a empty letter the bar disappear and no message was shown. I have installed release 1.6
Can you help me?

Fahad replied: Please send me the URL and login credentials through my blog (contact page). I will check the issue that why was it not workign on your website.

When there is no post for a particular letter


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