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Problems with Twenty Fourteen theme ( AP )

Alphabetic Pagination

pho3nyx reported an issue: As you can see here http://www.ximone.it/grownlist/ there was some compatibility problems with the Twenty Fourteen theme and your plugin was partially covered, there was a way to fix it?

After some time Fahad answered: Thank you so much. I have fixed the problem, will update the release soon. If you wana fix it in your installed copy just add z-index property with value 2 in the “ul.ap_pagination”. You will fine this class in style.css. If you can wait, then hopefully i will update the release soon.

pho3nyx said: I tried to do this edit but it didn’t work, maybe I pasted in the wrong section. Can you make me an example of the syntax please?

Fahad replied: I am updating the plugin. You will have an alert in a while so you can simply update it.

pho3nyx said: I did the update but the problem was still there
PS: Have a nice day for my name in the credits 😀

Fahad informed: Please download a fresh copy of this plugin and replace only style.css file. It should work.

pho3nyx replied: now was working properly ,thank you very much !

Fahad said: Please consider to give a review about this plugin and your experience with it Click here to write a few words about this plugin and author.

pho3nyx responded: Done, thank you for your help

Fahad said: You were welcome dear.

Problems with Twenty Fourteen theme


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