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JS Live() and Pagination (Alphabetic Pagination)

Alphabetic Pagination

ghalleb suggested: First of all, thank you for this great plugin. It’s really helpfull.
But I think there should be some minor improvements:

– In the javascript, change jQuery(‘#tax_selector’).live(‘change’,function(){
for jQuery(‘#tax_selector’).on(‘change’,function(){
Live() was deprecated in the last jQuery and the bar could not appear.

– It would be very good to have a pretty url system, instead of http://www.mysite.com/taxonomy/term/?ap=e, I would be happy to have http://www.mysite.com/taxonomy/term/letter/e

– I can’t make it work with a page pagination (and a posts_per_page limit). I’m always getting a 404 (for example: http://www.mysite.com/taxonomy/term/page/5/?ap=e). Perhaps it could be good to have an embedded pagination too.
I could help you fix/improve your plugin if you need…

Fahad replied: Nice suggestions. I will surely look into it very soon.

ghalleb said: I manage to make the number pagination work. But… It only work in auto mode, and I would like it to work in custom mode too!!!
I could send you the code if you need and we try to adjust it together. Do you have time? We could discuss that in private.

Fahad said: Yes sure, we can discuss it in details. You may contact me via contact us from my blog.

After some time Fahad informed Ghalleb: I have finally added this feature to the plugin. Please checkout the latest release.

JS Live() and Pagination


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