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Can’t get Pagination to Work

kylehodgman told about an issue: I’ve tried to get this plugin to work on a couple of websites and have never succeeded. So I must be doing something wrong. I need to add the pagination at the top of a page where I am shortcoding in a blog list. And I can’t make it appear. … Continue reading

Remove numerical tag (Alphabetic Pagination)

Nico asked two questions: Thanks for this great plugin! Saved me a lot of headaches. However I have two questions. On my site (which was still local in development)I don’t use Numeric order. Since it was the first sign (the hash-tag), visitors were likely to click on it and will get a ‘no results-page’. Is … Continue reading

I can’t see the Alphabetic Pagination in my website

theprodigius asked for help: Dear developer: I was downloaded your plugin Alphabetic Pagination in my website, but the plugin doesn’t work. I would like to know if you can help me to resolve this problem. My website is: wwww.ingeniarideas.com/webseguros/ I use: WordPress 3.9.1 Jupiter Theme 3.9 Thank you for your help. https://wordpress.org/plugins/alphabetic-pagination/ Fahad said: Thanks … Continue reading

Filter by custom post type – Alphabetic Pagination

LucyTech said: I would like to use this plugin for a custom post type. When you click on the ABC letters I need to show only the posts where the post title starts with that letter. However, at the moment the page was just reloading and nothing was being filtered. Under settings ‘display on all … Continue reading

AP – Not working when only one result

olly343434 described an issue: I can get it to show the alphabet navigation, and it works fine when I click on a letter with multiple results, but when a letter only has one result the navigation disappears. Is there a fix for this? Also the pagination seems to merge with the first post on the … Continue reading

Pagination Not working on my website

somnathjadhav asked for help: Hello Fahad, This was not working on my website . Can you help me please? Domain : http://ri-technologies.com/explorush/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/alphabetic-pagination/ Fahad asked: Thanks for using this plugin, can you please re-check that you were using it on taxonomy based template? It works with main_query, if you were not sure so you can … Continue reading

AP – Short Code on Pages? (not showing)

nantucketnet described an issue: on this page: http://nantucketnaturaloil.com/womens-designer-fragrances/ I have placed a list and above it the short-code: [ap_pagination] but nothing was showing. I have implementation set to Custom and Display on all lists to Yes. What am I doing wrong please. https://wordpress.org/plugins/alphabetic-pagination/ Fahad said: You should try “Auto” instead of manual short-code. If you … Continue reading

Alphabetic Pagination – not working in my site yet

pismobook reported an issue: I’m looking for a pagination and alphabetical solution for my website. Tried your plugin but still didn’t work. Could you please advise what should I do to make it work? my site was http://www.arsipkomik.com/artists/ i’m using Jupiter Theme then Thank you very much https://wordpress.org/plugins/alphabetic-pagination/ Fahad replied: Your link was not working. … Continue reading

When there is no post for a particular letter

kendawes asked a question: I’m still loving this plugin! I do have a question… Should the letter bar disappear when you click on a letter for which there were no entries? Is there a way to display a “Nothing Found” message? I know that you were working on “empty” letters not showing in the letter … Continue reading

Plugin not working on custom post type (AP)

larsy87 asked: Fahad, I am trying to use your plugin on a website using custom post types. If I have the plugin set to “auto” from the settings screen, it just places the short-code on the screen and doesn’t do anything. I don’t know what was wrong or how to fix it. Any insight or … Continue reading