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Breaks My Footer (Alphabetic Pagination)

Alphabetic Pagination

I’m using this with custom post types. I have a list of staff members. It displays fine and shows the Alphabetic Pagination at the top.

When I click on a letter only those staff members whose last name begin with that letter were shown, works great. However I just noticed that my footer information disappears when selecting a letter

I’m pulling content from a WordPress |Page| using $recent = new WordPress_Query(“pagename=footer”);

This works on every other page but for some reason it was unable to find the page when displaying results from the Alphabetic Pagination.

Any clues as to why?


After some time NicheLabs told: Never mind, you can mark this as resolved.

I changed it to use the following instead of WordPress_Query and it works now. $footerPg = get_page_by_title( ‘Footer’, OBJECT, ‘page’ ); echo $footerPg->post_content

Fahad replied: You did well. In fact, to filter the results of your taxonomy, I have to alter the main query. And it was recommended to use main query once. Many times people get this problem when they try to use WordPress_Query more than once.

Have a nice day,

allennichelabs, Breaks My Footer


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