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Alphabetic Pagination – Use with list of users?

Alphabetic Pagination

kevleitch asked: Is it possible to use this plugin to tie in to a list of users, not posts or categories?

Fahad told: Yes it was possible by modifying the query. Do you have a plan to list your users publicly?

kevleitch: Yes, what I need was to generate an alphabetical row of letters exactly as your plugin does but when a letter was clicked it goes to a page that lists all authors beginning with the letter clicked on.
Hope that makes sense 🙂
Thanks for your help.

Fahad said: Yes, requirements were clear; but this plugin works with posts for now. To make it work with users, you have to modify it according to your need. Do you have development expertise or need me to do it for you?

kevleitch shared his problem: I’m not familiar with plugin development enough to fiddle with code. If you could show me what needs to be done that would be great thank you very much.

Fahad suggested: Do one thing, give me a test user on your site so I will implement it there. You can make your layout better later on, I will implement its functionality. If I will implement it at my end and then will give it to you for test, that will take much time.

kevleitch said: It’s being developed on my localhost server but I’ll try and find some online space for it soon and let you know as soon as I have.

Fahad informed: As its a premium feature, so I am closing this topic from support category.

coco33 said: I do have exactly the same need… Could you please send me the result of your search ?
Thank you

Fahad replied to coco33: I couldn’t perform a test on kevleitch’s site so don’t have idea what exactly you were requiring. If you can provide me a the exact requirement through a proper WordPress installation and users listing can see so it would be easy for me to visualize the things.
Use with list of users: Premium Version Released: Alphabetic Pagination Pro

Documentation for short-code usage was also available on the same product link: Alphabetic Pagination Pro
P.S. Please don’t post any personal information here on blog. Development support was available for all of my plugins available in WordPress plugins directory.
Have a nice day,

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