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Alphabetic Pagination – No Static Blog

Alphabetic Pagination

bleezzy007 asked for helping:
I have a website but no static blog page, my post were like this http://www.myurl.com/post-name, I have no static page, I cannot assign a static page in the reading settings but I like your plugin but I have a existing blog so don’t know how to do it ? Do you have a solution?


Fahad replied: Thanks for appreciation, yes you can use it on your blog. It was simple, put your posts under some category. Then go to plugin settings and select that particular taxonomy (category) and click “Save Changes”; that’s it, it will start working on that category page. You can contact me via my blog (contact form) if having any problem, i will fix it for you.

bleezzy007 said:
When to Setting >> Alphabetic Pagination
Display on all list?
I chose Category >> selected multiple categories

But the post still wont show up
Maybe I need to make some changes in Settings >> Reading ?
I have a static home but no static blog page…

I also have another question:
My template was responsive but your plugin isn’t was there anyway to fix this ?

Fahad said: Please post the URL, I will check it that why its not working? Which theme were you using? Is it developed on WordPress standards as Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen etc. ?

Multiple categories related issue was fixed in previous release and for static pages; this plugin was not recommended because it was dealing with the queries.

FahadMahmood, No Static Blog


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