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WP SpeedUp – One stop solution for website speed optimization

WP SpeedUp

New Features Added:

  1. Basic Mode & Advanced Mode are introduced.
  2. .htaccess related settings provided with appropriate guidance.
  3. pingdom and google pagespeed test buttons provided.
  4. Useful articles added as reference for .htaccess understanding.
  5. WP Speedup plugin banner added.
  6. WordPress Mechanic avatar added.
  7. An alert added to JS minification section.
  8. Guava Pattern added in compatibility list.

A few blog posts added related to .htaccess handling:

Speed Up Todo list added:

  1. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks: Uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles”
  2. Images:
    • JPEG – use for photos
    • PNG – use for graphics (or not detailed images)
    • GIF – use for simple small graphics or images
    • BMP/TIFF – do not use them
  3. Optimization:
    • Disable Hotlinking – (Don’t use it unless you really need it.)
    • Expires Header
    • Cache Control
    • Deflate Compression – (Ask your hosting company if mod_deflate installed or not?)
    • Gzip Compression
    • Ob Gzhandler
    • Unset Etag – (Developers Only!)
  4. Permalink Settings: Update permalinks every time you made changes here


WP SpeedUp > Advanced Mode

WP SpeedUp > Google PageSpeed Insights

WP SpeedUp > Pingdom Website Speed Test

WP SpeedUp > CSS (Enable/Disable)

WP SpeedUp > JS (Enable/Disable)

WP SpeedUp > Images (Delete Option Temp Directories)

WP SpeedUp > Pingdom Website Speed Test (After Image Optimization)

WP SpeedUp > Settings Page > Temp Directories Created

Images Before Optimization

Images Optimized


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